Greetings from cloudy Southern California! I’m on my third day at the Television Critics Association press tour, so it is all fall TV all the time here, but I will be dispatching thoughts on other subjects as well over the next couple of weeks.

(Credit: NBC)

I was fascinated to read this Screen Crush article on a “Seinfeld” episode that will never air, which takes as its subject Elaine’s possible purchase of a gun for personal protection. Tom Cherones, who was slated to direct the episode, told Mike Ryan “I went back to the stage and the actors looked at me and said, ‘We don’t want to do this episode.’ I said, ‘I agree with you. Guns are not funny, no matter what you say.’ I walked back before the network guys left and I said, ‘We don’t want to do this episode. That cast and I do not want to do this.’”

I am not sure I entirely agree with him, if only because of the magnificent standoff scene from “Blazing Saddles.” But I am curious to hear what you all think: can you do gun humor? And if so, what makes jokes about guns effective?

• Of course Jenny McCarthy is taking her talents to Sirius XM, which apparently wants to be known as the place where you can say anything until it becomes inconvenient for their brand.

• On Lionel Messi and what it takes to cement a legacy.

• Yes, the Detroit Institute of Arts collection is worth an awful lot of money. No, that still is not a good reason for the city to sell off its assets.

• Who is buying records on vinyl?

• The Fox network has new people to run it.

• It is terrific that the FCC is moving towards getting more streaming content close captioned.

• Hollywood is still trying to make Taylor Kitsch happen (yes, I know he is wonderful on “Friday Night Lights”).

• I am excited to see “Ronia The Robber’s Daughter.”

• “Homeland” is going to be very different next season, which seems like a good thing.

• Rick James at his Rick James-iest.

•Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” reimagined as a torch song: