While I was typing up this post, I almost referred to one of the J.R.R. Tolkien movies referenced below as “faith-based,” aping the language of the original story. But then I paused. The movie is coming out on Easter, and the pitch seemed more like it was aimed at Christian audiences than the larger community of believers in some sort of religious faith. So I decided to just say that instead.

I mention this to set up my question of the day: What euphemisms have you shed and why? This is a rather writerly question, but if language shapes the way we see the world, I am curious about where clarity has failed you, and where you have regained it again.

Harper Lee smiles during a ceremony honoring the four new members of the Alabama Academy of Honor at the Capitol in Montgomery, Ala. (Rob Carr/Associated Press)

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•The takeover of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in the District is not without obstacles.

•There are two competing J.R.R. Tolkien biopics in the works, and one is explicitly geared to Christian audiences.

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•Inside the world of consultants who work with filmmakers navigating the MPAA ratings process.

•”Rainbow Brite” will be back on your television, which means I have to resist the temptation to dye my hair like Starlite’s mane.

•Rupert Murdoch apparently wanted to position himself against the combined Comcast-NBCUniversal by buying Time Warner, but his plan did not work out.

•Harper Lee insists a new biography of her is not an authorized work.

•SpaceX is building a spaceport in Cameron County, Texas.

•Disney’s newest animated movie takes place in a fantastical combination of San Francisco and Tokyo, and I cannot wait to see what that looks like.

•The market talks, but will Hollywood listen?

•This young adult novel sounds completely fascinating, and I am almost as interested in the reaction to it as the book itself.

•We all have a lot to say about net neutrality, apparently.

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