Today’s New York Times brings the news that the city’s new administration is targeting subway dancers as part of a program to eliminate nuisance crime. I have always been ambivalent about this particular facet of public transportation in the Big Apple: some of the kids are really talented, but the performances can be pretty physically intrusive, as can the solicitations. So here is our question of the day: What should the boundaries be when someone is performing or displaying art in public?

Michael Sheen as Dr. William Masters and Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson in “Masters of Sex.” (Craig Blankenhorn/Showtime)

• Annalee Newitz files a dissent on the most recent episode of “Masters of Sex.”

• Profits fall at the New York Times.

• Lea Michele is joining “Sons of Anarchy,” which should mean that Kurt Sutter is planning to do something deeply terrible to her character.

• A South Korean film festival is focusing on movies about North Korea.

• A good question from io9.

• What are the rules for ESPN’s stars?

• I am looking forward to reading “Land of Shadows” at the beach in a couple of weeks.

• Masha Gessen goes in on journalists who belatedly quit Russian propaganda outlets.

• Some San Diego Comic-Con panels are now available online.

• In which the Angry Nerd and I are in complete agreement: