The news this weekend that Paul Feig may direct a new edition of “Ghostbusters” that stars women rather than men prompted strong reaction. And it is the inspiration for today’s rather complex question: Which franchise would you liked to see gender-flipped, and what ideas would you like to see it explore that would be made possible by substituting women for men, men for women or any other switch you want to make?

US singer James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul.” (Credit: AFP PHOTO-MICHAL CIZEK)

• The parts of James Brown’s life “Get On Up” leaves out. As a minor corrective, might I recommend Kasi Lemmons’ “Talk to Me”?

• If you are so inspired, here is some light to guide you down the rabbit holes opened up by “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

• Studio Ghibli might be done with anime products, which would be terribly sad for those of us who grew up on Hayao Miyazaki movies.

• The lawmakers overseeing the Comcast-Time Warner merger apparently want the combined company to offer more networks aimed at Latino audiences.

• Harper’s Magazine apparently thinks that $28 T-shirts are a more viable business model than readable online content.

• The international film schools that are turning out top directors.

• Marvel’s Kevin Feige is picking up feminist talking points about superhero movies, but that does not mean he is changing his production lineup.

• A very interesting set of conversations with successful webcomics artists about how to work in the medium without driving yourself crazy.

• The outrage industry in sports commentary.

• Maps of how culture moves around the world.

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