One of the most fascinating and difficult things about being a critic in this particular moment is the sheer volume of culture available to us. The number of original television shows in production is overwhelming. New business models, like video on demand, and new buyers, like Netflix, mean that lots of movies are reaching audiences and merit consideration. And this is not even to mention Web-based content.

This latter category is particularly important, given a new study that suggests younger viewers care more about YouTube sensations than conventional Hollywood actors. Sometimes I feel like I do not even know where to start. As our question of the day, I would like your recommendations: Which YouTube content should I be watching?

This is an amazing piece from my colleague Robin Givhan.

•Adelle Waldman on spending time in a man’s brain.

Beyonce and Jay Z perform in San Francisco. (Mason Poole/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)

•Trying to suss out the difference between plaigarism and pastiche.

•It sounds like these tortoises that are part of an art exhibit are actually getting better care than they might were they not carrying iPads around.

•Felicia Day sells her YouTube channel.

•Marvel and DC will slug it out at least into the next decade.

•It looks like “Sons of Anarchy” is going to get even more depressing in its final season, as if hyper-violent-death-by-cop and mother-in-law-on-daughter-in-law murder was not enough.

•Time Warner continues to develop its digital strategy, including for HBO Go.

•Jay Z hits a legal setback.

“Sharknado” forever.

•A selfie-taking monkey spurs a copyright crisis.

•Google tries to leverage its shopping service into a delivery infrastructure that can give Amazon some headaches.

•A mother quits parenting books.