The Magician's Land

Now that we are solidly in the dog days of summer, I imagine some of you will be taking off for the beach in the weekends to come. There are plenty of great books for you to tuck into your beach bags along with a towel and the SPF of your choice. Roxane Gay’s “Bad Feminist” is newly in print, as is Lev Grossman’s conclusion to his fantasy trilogy, “The Magician’s Land.”

Knowing a lot of you are avid readers, I figured many of you would have knocked off “The Magician’s Land” already. So I am here to help you out. We are experimenting with some new digital tools at The Post, including quizzes, and I have volunteered to be a guinea pig. This first one will help you determine which new fantasy series to start this weekend by answering just four simple questions.

If you end up trying out one of the series, let me know. And if you have other recommendations for fellow readers, leave them in the comments!