Rumor has it that we are going to get the original, un-futzed-with “Star Wars” trilogy on Blu-Ray. I would absolutely spend a lot of money on such a box set, and I suspect many of the rest of you would too. But there are a lot of movies that are not part of giant franchises that I would love to see get that sort of treatment, too. Maybe we could make a deal where for every “Star Wars” Blu-Ray set that sells, Disney has to donate a dollar to a fund to restore old movies or to track down lost movies. I would love to see “Batman Fights Dracula,” an unauthorized parody from the Phillipines, get recovered, or maybe the 1914 adaptation of “A Study In Scarlet.” Which movies would you want to recover or see get a box set release?

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in a scene from “The Wolf of Wall Street.” (Associated Press/Paramount Pictures, Mary Cybulski)

•Jordan Belfort, the subject of “The Wolf of Wall Street,” is writing a television show, because the moral arc of the universe — or at least Hollywood — bends towards terribleness.

•Why society needs dystopian fiction.

•America’s best new restaurant is in Washington, D.C.

•We are getting a Misty Copeland movie!

Beyoncé sings “Bang Bang.”

•I would like for Uzo Aduba to win all of the prizes, if only so we get more speeches like this.

•Amy Poehler as Edith Head.

•Don Pardo, who did the introductions for “Saturday Night Live,” has died.

•The scientific mystery of the hangover.

•It would be nice if online harassment got this sort of coverage when it happens to non-famous people.

•I am curious to see what happens as “Homeland” gets a hard reset in its fourth season: