Amazon has not even started airing its newest round of television shows, and it has already put up a new round of pilots for our consideration. (Standard disclosure: Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, owns the Washington Post, which does not get me access to these pilots any earlier than the rest of you.)

(Karen Bleier/Agence Frace-Presse via Getty Images)

I am curious about two things.  First, which of the pilots do you like best? And second, what do you wish Amazon was doing that it is not already? Amazon has a lot going on — it has pulled in creators like Garry Trudeau and Whit Stillman, and in “Transparent,” it is telling a story about gender transition, a subject almost entirely invisible on American television. If this boldness is the new norm, what would you like to see Amazon pursue with it?

• I am very interested to see what happens when Netflix starts making shows set in different countries and with dialogue in different languages.

• Apparently, it takes the hateful harassment of bereaved relatives of famous people to get Twitter to make policy changes!

• Disney is the target of a lawsuit filed by parents of children with autism and other cognitive issues, which is interesting given that the company recently published a book by a father about reaching his autistic son through Disney movies.

• I am hard-pressed to think of things that Armond White and I agree with, but this list of movies he hates is a fascinating look inside his critical preferences.

• I actually think Charlie Hunnam would be a particularly terrific King Arthur in a remake of “The Mists of Avalon,” if anyone wanted to do that, but he will be just dandy as a regular King Arthur, too.

• Female television viewers are a big deal for American entertainment companies — at least in Spain.

• Shonda Rhimes is going to show up on an episode of “The Mindy Project.”

• Daniel Franzese is joining “Looking.” I prefer to think about this as Damian from “Mean Girls” finally getting to a city and a state of life where there is no such thing as “too gay to function.”

•” The Walking Dead” is getting a gay male character, but it may not be the one fans are hoping for.

• Another very small look at Pixar’s “Inside Out.”

• Linda Holmes, essential as always in a disaster.