I leave tomorrow for the Toronto International Film Festival, where I will be sitting in the darkness for eight straight days (you will have a special guest taking care of you in my absence). I am desperately trying to work out a schedule that will let me see everything I hope to catch, including “Wild,” “Foxcatcher,” “The Look of Silence” and “Rosewater,” among many other things. While I am in the process of playing schedule Jenga, this is your chance to take a look at the TIFF lineup and make requests for things you would like me to catch. No promises, but I will do my best to work things in if a lot of you show particular interest in a given movie that was not on my radar. Leave suggestions in comments.

Lupita Nyong’o arrives at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2013. (Chris Pizzelloi/Associated Press)

• We are about to have a new publisher here at The Post.

• Congratulations to Dave Weigel on his move to Bloomberg, though I grieve for the lost opportunity for him to become a full-time prog music writer.

• I am trying to talk myself into reading “The Bone Clocks.” Your case, pro or con, is also welcome in comments.

• How Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” to which I remain immune, reached number one.

• BuzzFeed is investing in games as well as movies.

• Piers Morgan’s tenure at CNN is officially over.

• Netflix’s best eccentric category.

• High Times goes respectable as the movement for pot legalization makes headway.

• Haruki Murakami is going to publish a second book in the United States this year.

• Mitlos Yerolemou is taking his sword-fighting talents from “Game of Thrones” to “Star Wars.”

• Pack it up, Dracula is officially exhausted as a subject.

• I think I am more excited about the return of “Arrow” than I am about any other preexisting television show this fall.

• “Music and Lyrics” is an excellent recent romantic comedy (as well as a movie about writing) and you should watch it before “The Rewrite” comes out: