As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to be at the Toronto International Film Festival through Thursday, Sept. 11. Since the purpose of sending me to a film festival is for me to sit in the dark and absorb as many movies as is humanely possible, I will be taking a brief (and hopefully rejuvenating) break from writing. But I would never leave Act Four shuttered for that long!

I am terribly pleased that after her wonderful stint here in May, Stacia L. Brown has agreed to take over the keyboard for me in my absence. As a refresher (or a fresh introduction for those of you new to her work), Stacia is a Baltimore-based freelance writer, mother and founder of Beyond Baby Mamas, an online community for single parents of color, and Bellow, a virtual literary reading series for new and established writers. Her work has appeared everywhere from the Atlantic to Colorlines, and of late, I have loved seeing her pop up on PBS and Slate podcasts, as well as the Backlash Book Club.

Welcome her warmly, treat her kindly, and I will be back with you next Friday.