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2014 was defined in part by bitter discussions of sexual assault and abuse in the news and in pop culture.

But, in the quest for respect, have our doomed young adult heroines and grim superheroes lost some of what made them so great?

Young white women may be easy to satire -- but they're also producing great books and television.

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By cutting a major character, Rob Marshall waters down the lessons of Stephen Sondheim's classic musical.

These holiday films get at a deeper truth behind the commercial sense of Christmas: that acknowledging your own brokenness is the first step towards true happiness.

Some of the most interesting films of 2014 leave New York and Los Angeles for striking meditations on our uneasy relationship to the country we've claimed as our own.

"The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace" and "Men We Reaped" capture some of the psychological exhaustion that animates this year's protests.

How Mariah Carey wrote a classic, why Michelle MacLaren is the most important director in TV, and the ways in which virtual reality might change us.

A preview of posting over the break, and a "Morning Joe" appearance.

Everything for the newly-admitted college student, British period drama fan or aspiring Cuba traveler in your life.

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