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Opinion ‘Star Wars,’ if it were directed by Ken Burns

As anyone who follows this blog in even a cursory fashion knows, two of the things I love most are Ken Burns documentaries and the “Star Wars” franchise. What can I say? I love epic struggles with compelling characters on both sides that raise ongoing questions about what makes for a just society.

So to honor the release of “The Force Awakens,” I recruited PostEverything’s Dan Drezner, Act Four columnist Sonny Bunch and Digital Opinions Editor James Downie to work with me and genius video editor Thomas LeGro to remake “The Civil War” “Star Wars”-style. This video is completely spoiler-free–we’ll discuss “The Force Awakens” in detail on the blog and in Monday’s chat. But in the mean time, I hope this makes the wait for your first glimpse of “Episode VII”– or the wait in between screenings — a little more bearable.

Like Ken Burns's "The Civil War," "Star Wars" depicts an epic conflict. So we mashed them up. (Video: The Washington Post)


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