As you read this, I’ll have been in Vietnam for a couple of days on a trip that is mostly a vacation, but that will also provide valuable context for the big project I’m working on this year. I’ll be back to a normal blogging schedule starting Feb. 21, though you’ll see a couple of posts from me in the meantime on Fox’s new policing show, “APB,” which premieres tonight, and the final season of “Girls,” which begins on HBO on Feb. 12 and is quite good. And I’ll try to post some fun travel pictures while I’m on the road.

But I won’t be leaving you alone. Sonny Bunch’s regular Act Four column will continue in my absence; for those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Sonny is the executive editor of the Washington Free Beacon and the conservative voice on this blog. And he’ll be joined by my friend Betsy Phillips, who wrote a couple of great pieces for Act Four earlier this season. Betsy blogs on the Nashville Scene’s political blog, Pith in the Wind, where she offers her opinions on politics and Nashville history. She also writes ghost stories. Please give them a very warm Act Four welcome.