After a cardinal and a bishop left their roles due to sexual harassment allegations, bishops are under pressure to reform.

Since the massive Pennsylvania grand jury report and an archbishop's letter claiming that the pope knew about harassment, Francis's popularity has been diminishing.

The vast majority of Talmudic study has been conducted by Orthodox communities, whose members are also more willing to spend the thousands of dollars necessary to purchase hard copies of Jewish legal texts.

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He also brought up his feelings on the #MeToo movement, which recently brought him down.

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Wuerl has been under fire for his handling of sexual abuse cases, especially when he was bishop of Pittsburgh.

Wuerl faces calls to resign due to his handling of sexual abuse while he was bishop of Pittsburgh.

In an age of shamelessness and “alternative facts,” when so many seem to take pride in not backing down even if they're wrong, some rabbis are teaching their congregations this year that there are still role models to look to.

In a letter to his priests, Washington's Catholic archbishop, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, acknowledged demands for new leadership and called for six weeks of healing and prayer.

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Kavanaugh didn't say much about religious liberty at his hearings. He didn't have to.

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