The nation's third-largest church is deeply divided over the question of whether to ordain gay clergy and perform gay weddings.

Vaccination proponents and anti-vaccination activists are watching to see whether some states will follow California's lead.

Francis started the summit by distributing a list of topics that bishops from around the world should discuss.

American Catholics are watching the worldwide summit on sexual abuse this week with high hopes but low expectations.

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Faith, thankfully, does not preclude doubt. It consists of staking your life on the rumor of grace.

McCarrick, 88, has been supported by the church his entire adult life. He's no longer a priest now.

Although relieved, D.C. Catholics remain concerned about trust that has been broken with the church and the length of time it took to bring McCarrick to justice.

Theodore McCarrick is believed to be the first cardinal -- a title he held until allegations surfaced last summer -- laicized for sexual misconduct, and one of just six bishops accused of similar crimes and dismissed.

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We diminish our own power when we break apart.

  • Elisabeth Becker-Topkara
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Since a new Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis exploded last year, dioceses around the U.S. have released lists.

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