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This very act of praying is itself a counter-cultural act.

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In a letter to alumnae, the head of school said she disagreed with the Cathedral's decision to perform at the inauguration.


Why the iconic Virgin of Charity means so much to Cubans and Pope Francis

Pope Francis will celebrate the first papal Mass in her shrine outside Santiago on Tuesday.

Twenty-six members of the clergy will participate in the service, but there won't be a sermon.

Christians should think twice before accusing Hollywood of ignoring them.

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Three churches have sold portions of their property, and are rebuilding their own facilities.

Test your knowledge: See which biblical characters Trump is expected to emulate.

Sally Sarratt and Maria Swearingen, who long dreamed of co-pastoring a church, will take the pulpit next month

The cathedral's choir will sing and it will host a prayer service.

The Graham family ties to Washington go back decades.

The Post wants to hear from you if your church plans to attend the presidential inauguration.

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A Texas lawmaker has sent a survey to mosques around the state asking leaders there about Sharia Law and to pledge support for the “safety” of former Muslims who have chosen to leave the faith, implying that they could face unspecified persecution for doing so.

Federal authorities say they’re investigating threats to Jewish centers nationwide.

Orthodox Jewish rabbis said Wednesday they will counter white supremacists’ harassment of the Jewish community in the Montana town of Whitefish by sending students to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp and by mailing a Torah to every Jewish family in the state.

Sister Madeleine Miller applied for a high school teaching job in Nebraska thinking she would get judged on her credentials — not what she was wearing on her head.

The Vatican struck back Tuesday at the Knights of Malta, rejecting its attempt to discredit a Vatican-appointed commission investigating the ouster of a top official over a condom scandal.

Patti Thomas owns a flower shop in the north Georgia town of Lula. Xavier Bryant runs an independent pharmacy just outside Atlanta. Looking toward the inauguration of an entrepreneur as president, the two share this expectation: Donald Trump will be good for business.

The head of the embattled Knights of Malta is seeking to discredit a Vatican investigation into the removal of a top official over a condom scandal, insisting that he followed the rules in the dismissal.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in her final speech as head of the Justice Department, praised the work of the Obama administration to advance the dream of justice and said worries of difficult days ahead should be a call for action, not despair.

Boston’s archbishop has been appointed to a top Vatican office that handles cases of clergy sex abuse.

Pope Francis demanded Sunday that “every possible measure” be taken to protect young refugees, as search and rescue efforts continued off Libya’s coast following the latest deadly Mediterranean migrant shipwreck.

The Latest on rallies around the nation supporting immigrant rights. (all times local):

The Vatican stressed the sacred nature of Jerusalem on Saturday as the Palestinian leader warned that prospects for peace could suffer if the incoming Trump administration goes ahead with plans to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Pope Francis is extending his controversial overhaul of the Vatican’s liturgy department, adding a host of new advisers after an initial shake-up removed some leading conservative cardinals.

An activist group in Maine’s largest city says hundreds of people are participating in its drive to get residents to support Muslim-owned businesses in a show of solidarity against Islamophobia.

Collecting food for the hungry, classical music concerts, fitness programs, healing services.

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