Some hail the convert football coach's case as a civil rights victory. Others say it could stir white supremacists.

The secretary of state framed Trump's praise for Putin in Helsinki as part of an "engagement” strategy aimed at encouraging Russia to improve its record on religious freedom.

Wilmington's mayor apologized and reversed the pool officials' action.

How it’s happening is only part of the question for a New Mexico church experiencing an influx of people who want to believe in it.

The denomination also made it easier for priests to perform same-sex marriages, even if their bishops disapprove.

Churches across the District, Maryland and Virginia are turning their properties into living space for low-income residents.

The mayor of Hagerstown apologized but said he wasn't referring to Sadiq Khan's religion.

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This is only one of many such resistance stories in the Bible.

  • Rachel Held Evans
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  • Jul 12
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The conflict at All Souls became fodder for debate about the nature of racism.

Evangelical voters got what they wanted — two Supreme Court picks. Leaders say they'll stick with Trump.

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