The Internet lit up this week after the trailer for the new Star Wars movie was released. This Dutch priest looks like a kid on Christmas when he plays the new trailer, seeming to reflect larger Internet joy over seeing some of his favorite characters again.

“Oh wow!” “Holy Cow!” “That is fantastic!”

The best moment, perhaps, comes towards the end when he sees a familiar face: “Chewbacca!”

The Rev. Roderick Vonhögen is the founder and chief executive of Star Quest Production Network, which uses the media to promote teachings of Catholic faith. He lives in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

In case you need to catch up to see what he’s seeing: here’s the trailer:

[‘Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens’: The beautiful new trailer has landed (plus 6 takeaways)

Almost as fun as the trailer itself, reaction videos also took off, including this timed scene from “Interstellar” for Matthew McConaughey’s blubbery reaction.

As our priest friend says, “Oh my gosh.”

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