During his visit to South America on Thursday, Pope Francis popped into a Burger King. Yeah. Popes! They’re just like us.

Okay, the Burger King was apparently closed, so I’m guessing he didn’t get something to go, or anything like that. The Associated Press explained that Pope Francis actually just needed a pre-Mass wardrobe change, so he ducked into the fast-food joint.

With a vast crowd and a temporary altar, Pope Francis needed someplace to change before saying Mass. The closest place at hand was a Burger King.
So the famously unpretentious pope used the fast food restaurant before walking to the altar. The restaurant was closed for business due to the Mass, in which the pope denounced consumerism.

I checked Burger King’s Twitter feed to see if they were @ing Pontifex yet, and didn’t see anything. There was, however, this tweet of a hamburger emoji shaped like a heart. So at least we have that.


Below you’ll find more pictures from the pope’s trip Thursday.

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