Okay, so the Cape May Brewing Co. has looked into this, and in case you were wondering, Pope Francis is probably not a huge beer drinker.

“Yeah, from what I can tell, he’s more of a wine drinker than he is a beer drinker,” said Ryan Krill, the company’s president and co-founder. “I can’t imagine he’s much of a drinker period, but you never know.”

That’s true, Ryan. You do never know. But even if the pope isn’t personally super into ales or whatever, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate his upcoming U.S. visit with one.

That’s where the New Jersey brewery comes in.

Next month, Cape May Brewing Co. will release a special beer that commemorates the papal visit to Washington, New York and Philadelphia. It’s called YOPO. That stands for “You Only Pope Once.” Ask a youth if you still don’t get it.

“I just tried it last week for the first time,” Krill said, “and it was probably one of the best beers we’ve ever done.”

Krill described the beer, which will be on tap and in bars in South Jersey and Philadelphia, as a light pale ale with “an unholy amount of hops.” It pairs well with Argentinean beef, he said. (See what they did there?)

“I like how dry it is, and I just love the blend of hops that they put in there … It’s delicious,” Krill said.

Francis will be in Philadelphia in late September, but he currently does not appear to have carved out any beer time on his schedule. I would point out, however, that the Eagles are playing the Jets that Sunday, so you know, if there was ever a time for the pope to grab a pint and catch the game, this might be it.

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