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Watch the gathering for Pope Francis’ mass in Ciudad Juárez in this 360-degree video

Until last week, a pope had never celebrated Mass at the border that divides and links the United States and Mexico.

And until last week, many residents of Ciudad Juarez and its neighboring city of El Paso, Tex., never expected to see a pope up close.

The Washington Post, in partnership with the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin, presents a 360-degree video offering a window into Pope Francis’s historic visit to the border. The pope made headlines with remarks about Mexican drug cartels, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Zika virus. But to residents of Juarez, still emerging from the violent of grip a war between cartels, the day was more festive and faithful than political.

Use your cursor to scroll around the border scenes to see the Pope’s historic address. If you’re watching on your smartphone, open this link in the YouTube app — which also works for Cardboard owners.

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