Pope Francis is already a Twitter star, and he marched even closer to social media domination by joining Instagram on Saturday.

His first post on Instagram, captioned “Pray for me” in nine languages, racked up more than 59,000 likes and 10,000 comments in its first three hours online.

We imagine the account will feature many pictures from the pope’s future travels, but there are already so many iconic images of Francis out there on the Internet. As he begins to populate his Instagram account, we thought we would suggest a few to feature, should he need some material for #TBT or #FBF. (Just remember, your holiness, you have to get permission to use someone else’s photographs before you post them to your account. We’re sure they will be honored.)

Francis with kids

When you’re the pope, meeting adorable children kind of comes with the job.

This picture of him with a baby pope is one for the ages and would surely rack up all the hearts.

There’s a moving story behind this photo of Francis greeting 5-year-old Sophie Cruz during the papal visit to the District in September 2015. Cruz, who was born in the United States after her family immigrated illegally, was carried past security lines to deliver a letter to the pope, asking him to urge politicians to pass immigration reform. Francis was notably outspoken about immigration issues during his visit to the United States. Posting this photo would pull heartstrings as well as help advance one of his dearest causes.

#PopeBars, continued

Francis and microphones are a match made in heaven.

In November 2015, during a visit to the Central African Republic, Francis was captured in a pose that made it appear the pontiff was about to unleash some sinfully good raps. The image spawned a viral hashtag, #PopeBars, which seemed to be quite literally God’s gift to the Internet.


On his Instagram, Francis should keep up the meme.

Francis with world leaders

Posting photos with famous people is a surefire way to rack up likes on Instagram. Luckily, Francis has met quite a few.

Here he is, deep in conversation with President Obama:

And posing with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

And making then-House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) cry:

And finally, #OOTD

“Outfit of the Day” is a time-honored tradition on Instagram among the style-blogger set. But Francis would put them all to shame with this unforgettable look.

Be honest: You wish you could pull that off.

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