Four Mormon missionaries were hurt and hospitalized in the Tuesday attack on the Brussels airport, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said in a statement. Three of them—all from Utah—were seriously injured, the church said. The other, from France, suffered minor injuries.

“Our prayers are with the families of the deceased and injured, including three of our missionaries who were injured and hospitalized,” church leaders said in the statement. “We also pray for the people of Belgium and France as they continue to deal with the uncertainty and devastation caused by the recent terrorist attacks.”

The three injured missionaries were accompanying the fourth, Fanny Rachel Clain, 20, who was on her way to a mission assignment in Ohio. Clain had passed through airport security by the time the explosion occurred, yet still suffered minor injuries, according to the church. The families of the three Americans have been notified of their injuries.

“This has been a difficult day for our family, and our hearts are broken for those injured or killed by the attacks in Belgium,” Court and Amber Empey said in a statement.

Their son, Joseph Empey, 20, suffered 2nd degree burns to his hands, face and head and needed surgery to treat shrapnel injuries in his legs, they said.

“We have been in touch with him and he is grateful and in good spirits,” they added. “We have also been in contact with his mission president. We are thankful for the outpouring of love and prayers from throughout the world, and we pray for all those affected by this tragedy.”

The four missionaries were identified by the church as:

Richard Norby, 66, of Lehi, Utah

Joseph Empey, 20, of Santa Clara, Utah

Mason Wells, 19, of Sandy, Utah

Fanny Rachel Clain, 20, of Montélimar, France

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