At a meeting with hundreds of conservative Christian leaders Tuesday, Donald Trump implied that Hillary Clinton’s religion is unknown, despite her longtime profession of her Methodist faith.

Trump said the public doesn’t know “anything about Hillary in terms of religion” and that she is among leaders who are “selling Christianity down the tubes,” according to a video of the New York meeting recorded by E.W. Jackson, a radio host who previously ran for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

“She’s been in the public eyes for years and years, and yet there’s nothing out there,” Trump said on the video. “It’s going to be an extension of Obama, but it’s going to be worse. Because with Obama, you had your guard up. With Hillary, you don’t. And it’s going to be worse.”

He continued: “You can pray for your leaders, and I agree with that. Pray for everyone. But what you really have to do is you have to pray to get everybody out to vote, for one specific person. And we can’t be, again, politically correct and say we pray for all of our leaders. Because all of your leaders are selling Christianity down the tubes, selling the evangelicals down the tubes.”

Clinton, a lifelong Methodist, has said she does not wear her mainline Protestant faith on her sleeve. But she also has referred to her faith in public numerous times, dating back decades.

In Arkansas, she even taught Sunday school.

For years, Trump has similarly implied that he mistrusts President Obama’s professed Christianity. When Obama visited a Maryland mosque, for instance, Trump said, “Maybe he feels comfortable there.”

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