Jerry Falwell Jr., one of the nation’s most prominent evangelical leaders, wanted to show his support for Donald Trump after Trump’s meeting with hundreds of Christian conservatives on Tuesday. Falwell posted a photo of himself and his wife, Becki Tilley, standing in Trump’s office, the two men flashing thumbs-up signs.

“He did an incredible job!” the Liberty University president wrote of Trump.

The happy grins weren’t what most Twitter users focused on, though. They zoomed right in on a framed magazine cover hanging behind the trio — a Playboy magazine.

This Twitter user highlighted what many were commenting on:

So who is it in that Playboy photo framed on Trump’s wall? Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey identified the model as Brandi Brandt, who was Miss October 1987. She appeared on this cover with Trump in March 1990, as well as a few other covers — like the “Women of Wall Street” cover that showed her wearing glasses and a wide-open business jacket, and the “Back to Campus” issue in which her torso appeared to be covered only by her notebook paper.

Brandt had some acting gigs and a short-lived marriage to Motley Crue musician Nikki Sixx. But as of now, she’s in prison for participating in a scheme to transport cocaine from Los Angeles to Sydney — by hiding the drug in airplane toilets.

Daily Mail Australia reported that Brandt pleaded guilty in 2014 to helping import more than two kilograms of cocaine and transferring more than $70,000 of drug profits into bank accounts. She will be eligible for parole this November, the newspaper said.

Falwell, who endorsed Trump in January, fired back a response to the online critics of his photo:

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