Evan McMullin announces his presidential campaign as an independent candidate on Aug. 10 in Salt Lake City. (George Frey/Getty Images)

Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs lashed out at independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin on Twitter recently, calling him a tool of the “Mormon Mafia.”

McMullin, a Brigham Young University graduate and returned Mormon missionary, is surging in  Utah, threatening to topple the #TrumpTrain deep in red state territory. Recent polls of Utah voters give Donald Trump just a five-point edge, with Hillary Clinton and McMullin tied close behind.

This week, the Mormon Mafia fired back with a trending hashtag on Twitter, inviting people into their shadowy world of illicit coffee drinking and good-deed doing. “The will shoot you and then frame your friends . . . Into the perfect scrapbook,” said one tweet.

Many took on the mantle of the #MormonMafia as a rallying cry for  McMullin’s campaign. “Why kiss the ring and vote for The Don when there’s a new Godfather in town! Join the —vote for!,” wrote @jordansmama08 in Arkansas.

Here are some more dispatches from the Mormon Mafia: