As Donald Trump places his hand on his family’s Bible to be sworn into the presidency on Friday, he will already have a list of biblical characters he is expected to emulate.

Ahead of his election, several Christians like Jerry Falwell Jr. and Michele Bachmann drew comparisons between President-elect Donald Trump and biblical characters, especially kings of Israel. Israel’s history allows for all kinds of potential comparisons, both good and bad.

Some saw Trump as an evil king like Ahab, and some compare him as a great king like David, says Joel Baden, a professor at Yale Divinity School. There’s a larger trend among some to take everything that happens currently and compare it to what happened in the Bible. “Just as the Bible is understood to provide us with a guide for how to live our lives, it’s also seen as a resource for understanding how God operates in history,” Baden said.

Guess which biblical leaders Trump has been compared to (hint: not all are kings).