The attack came amid debate over Wyoming's first grizzly hunt in four decades, which is on hold pending a federal court decision.

"It’s very haunting ... it’s like something out of Freddie Krueger," one resident told a London newspaper.

The death comes a month after another serious shark attack in the same part of Massachusetts.

Officials say the cliff-climbing animals aren't native to Olympic National Park, where they're destroying vegetation and bothering visitors, so they've got to go.

Euthanizing a pet in an office can feel impersonal. Some clinics are changing that with candles and "comfort rooms."

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Shelters in North Carolina might not be able to handle the influx of pets from evacuating owners, leading to some difficult decisions. One couple took matters into their own hands.

These criminals weren't interested in jewels or cash. They stole hissing cockroaches and various species of tarantulas.

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  • Sep 11
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"It's a very special sighting nearshore of one of the ocean’s magical moments often hidden away," the Monterey Bay Aquarium said.

The administration would allow individuals and corporations to harm or kill massive numbers of birds, even in a catastrophe such as the BP oil spill, if they can show they didn't actually mean the birds harm.

A monitor lizard the size of a post-growth spurt teenager has taken up residence in a South Florida family's backyard.

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