Jonathan Gessner said he saw the tiger crouching down. At first, he was scared, Gessner told the Houston Chronicle.But he approached the animal anyway.

“The closer I got, she started shaking her butt, like cat getting in attack mode, you know?” he said. “I thought about turning around, but I was like, ‘nah, I want to see what she does.'”

Sure, sure. Please continue, Jonathan.

“She, out of nowhere, took off running towards me, put her paws on my shoulders and started licking me in the face,” Gessner told the newspaper. “I was really scared at first.”

The young female tiger was eventually taken into custody by animal control officers Thursday, the Conroe Police Department said in a news release. The agency had received “numerous calls” about the animal roaming loose in the city north of Houston, according to the release.

It wearing a collar and leash when it was captured.

Conroe Police Sgt. Kevin Johnson on Friday told CNN that the tiger came from a rescue farm in Harris County.

The animal had been evacuated because of severe flooding in the region.

Here’s what happened next, according to CNN:

Its handler apparently gave it to a person in Conroe who was not prepared for the animal — and it escaped.

The cat was taken to a shelter after its capture, according to CNN.

The Chronicle reports that it is legal to own a tiger in the state of Texas. There are some rules about registration and insurance, but in Texas, there there are legal ways for residents to keep exotic animals.

There are local codes in Conroe, though — including an ordinance that “prohibits residents from keeping or harboring a ‘dangerous animal’ in the city,” according to the Chronicle.