The finalists of a U.K.-based photography contest have been making the rounds for a while, and one was so clearly superior that it would have been a grave injustice had the candidate not won. Fortunately, there is some fairness in this world, and this qualified candidate was selected.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is the 2016 victor of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, a two-year-old contest that judges photos of wild animals looking ridiculous.

This fox, photographed in Yellowstone National Park last December, gets a 10 for grace, execution and entry. (Angela Bohlke/Barcroft)

These guys were only “highly commended” by the jury, which is a shame, because theirs is a remarkable display of comedic teamwork.

Buffalo, bird and turd, photographed in Meru National Park, Kenya, in July. (Tom Stables/Barcroft)

One angelic bear was also highly commended for his deadpan effort.

This bear can swim — and possibly fly. (Adam Parsons/Barcroft)

The competition’s organizers say it’s intended to draw support for wildlife conservation and raise money for the Born Free Foundation. More than 2,200 people entered this year. The winner, Oregonian Angela Bohlke, was awarded a Kenyan safari for two and a camera.

You can see more of the winners and finalists in this gallery.

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