First lady Michelle Obama takes a stroll through the White House with first dogs, Bo and Sunny. (Video: Instagram/Michelle Obama)

Here’s a bipartisan statement on this day of political transition: Sunny and Bo Obama are really cute.

This is a free country, so cat people, small-dog people, no-dog people and others are free to disagree. But before you make up your mind, take a look at the photos below.

In case you don’t know them: Bo, age 8, is the one in the white socks of different heights, and until noon Friday, he was the First Dog of the United States. Sunny, age 4, is the one in all black. (She’s also the one who recently bit a guest, and who, Michelle Obama revealed recently, sometimes pooped in the White House.)

Who will replace the two Portuguese water dogs after their move to the tony Washington neighborhood of Kalorama? No word yet from the Trump folks. But there’s a contender, and he’s pretty cute, too.

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