Monthly Archives: February 2017

Feral hogs have been accused of eating baby lambs and causing millions in damage. A new poison turns their innards blue.

The study is the latest in a field that's yielded alarmist headlines about cats making people crazy. And it amounts to a big "not so fast."

In a reversal, information on animal welfare at research facilities was restored to the government database. But reports on breeders, exhibitors and other facilities are still missing.

Animal rights groups have sued, members of Congress have demanded a reversal, and ordinary Americans are tweeting photos of their pets to the USDA and lawmakers.

Why there are more male dogs, the best hair products, where handlers stash dog treats — and more.

The herding dog was a favorite and finalist at last year’s competition, and she just came out of retirement a month ago.

Ever wonder how the Westminster dogs get their intriguing names?

The establishments hosting the show's 2,800 dogs know good business when they see it, and they roll out perks to match.

The experiment described in the textbook was apparently supposed to help schoolchildren learn that living, breathing things need air.

It takes many dogs, lots of collaboration and years of effort.

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