Alexander Hamilup, a shelter pup who’s playing in the Puppy Bowl for Team Fluff, is a Siberian husky-Pomeranian mix. (Courtesy Animal Planet)

Times are tense. Your news feed is probably filled with consternation and vitriol. So how about watching some sweet shelter puppies play pooch football?

That’s what is happening on Sunday night, when Animal Planet airs its annual Puppy Bowl. This year, 78 puppies will compete on teams called Ruff and Fluff, and, as usual, they’re mutts. But this year, a dog DNA testing company, Embark, has run the genetics on the pups.

Think you can tell a dog’s heritage just by looking at it? Have at it — but don’t be too bummed if you do poorly. Just look at their cute faces: Clearly, they forgive you.


Animal Planet

This is Squirt, who's playing for Team Ruff. What do you think are the two top breeds in his genes? 

Chihuahua and Labrador Retriever

Chihuahua and Boston terrier


Animal Planet

This is Stormy, who's also playing for Team Ruff. What are the top two breeds in his genes? 

Staffordshire terrier and Boxer

Boxer and Rhodesian ridgeback


Animal Planet

This is Striker, another Team Ruff-er. What are the top two breeds in his lineage? 

Chihuahua and Doberman

Chihuahua and Maltese


Animal Planet

This beauty is Winter. What are the top two breeds in her DNA? 

Staffordshire terrier and rottweiler

Rottweiler and Golden Labrador


Animal Planet

This scrappy fellow is Bo, also of Team Ruff. What are his top two breeds? 

Chihuahua and Dalmatian

Chihuahua and Maltese


Animal Planet

This is Lucky, whose disability will not hinder her contributions to Team Fluff. What are the top two breeds in her DNA? 

Miniature Schnauzer and Cairn terrier

Chihuahua and Shih Tzu


Animal Planet

This is Dawson, also of Team Fluff. What are her top two breeds? 

German Shepherd and English Bulldog

Australian cattle dog and Staffordshire terrier


Animal Planet

This is Slippers, another Team Fluff player. What two breeds stand out in her genes? 

Pomeranian and poodle

Yorkshire terrier and Havenese


Animal Planet

This is Wilma, also of Team Fluff. What are the top two breeds in her blood? 

Yorkshire terrier and pug

Pug and Pomeranian.


Animal Planet

This gorgeous gal is Blitz, and she's playing for Team Fluff. What are the top two breeds in her DNA? 

German shepherd and Siberian husky

Collie and American Eskimo dog

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