A gorilla at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and his human caretaker have mastered more than one impressive trick.

Rachel Hale, an animal care specialist, has worked with Bolingo the gorilla for three years. He is one of seven gorillas in the Myombe Reserve at the park.

The park posted a video to Facebook on April 11 showing Hale and Bolingo practicing a series of what the zoo refers to as “enrichment” exercises. It shows photos of Bolingo sitting with his legs outstretched in front of him, just as Hale is doing on the floor outside of his enclosure, as well as a photo of Hale and the gorilla putting their faces and hands to the glass, as if touching one another through the barrier. A video clip shows Bolingo nailing a handstand while leaning his legs against the glass — in a mirror image of Hale, who is in the same position on the other side.

In its Facebook post, Busch Gardens wrote that this sort of training helps zoo caretakers “build trusting and positive relationships with the animals … to provide them with the most mentally and physically stimulating environment possible.”

Hale told Storyful News that the relationship between her and Bolingo is “very special.”

“There is nothing better than seeing Bolingo sprint across the habitat for an enrichment session with me,” she said. “That will never grow old.”

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