So the animal hierarchy at San Juan Island National Historical Park, it turns out, goes rabbit, then fox, then most definitely bald eagle.

See, fox beats rabbit …

Fox kit and dinner. #sanjuan #foxkit #bunny #summer2018 #weekend

Posted by Zachary Hartje on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Then bald eagle just wins no matter what.

Fox kit 1. Eagle 0 #sanjuan #eagles #fox #foxkit #summer2018 #viral

Posted by Zachary Hartje on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Though fox tried its best.

“Don’t worry: the fox was fine,” photographer Kevin Ebi wrote after he documented the brawl at the Washington state preserve, which ended with the fox falling from the eagle’s talons after an unsuccessful but impressive fight to keep the rabbit.

The rabbit was probably not fine — though it was partially at fault for the whole incident, according to Ebi.

Rabbits had “clear cut the prairie with their vast burrows,” the photographer wrote, displacing the red fox’s preferred food of berries and voles, and setting up the multipart confrontation of eagle beats fox beats rabbit beats vole.

Ebi wrote that he had expected the young fox to simply abandon the rabbit as soon the eagle came screeching in to take it. The birds are well-known kleptos, he wrote, and could easily snatch prey from much larger animals, including other eagles.

But for whatever reason, the fox decided to fight, and in doing so added to our understanding of the complete natural order, as evidenced through Internet videos: Rabbit beats vole, fox beats rabbit, eagle beats fox, cobra beats eaglecrocodile beats cobrahippo beats crocodile (sort of), tiger definitely beats crocodile, but bear beats tiger and Russian President Vladimir Putin beats bear.

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