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What's true and not true about the great scientist.

"Usually I can find a work-around for these Hallmark holidays. On Mother’s Day, for instance, I show appreciation for any gifts the kids crafted at school, but I also explain that we don’t need a specific day to say, 'I love you.' But this time, there is no easy escape from the hype. I feel trapped by circumstance."

Funding issues, charter scandals, a drop in the state's education ranking — and more.

In the rush to put high-stakes standardized testing online, school reformers enamored with education technology haven't made sure the system actually works.

Understanding the 'mirroring of disadvantage' that affects up to 1 million childcare providers and millions of children.

What it is, who it affects, and help for parents and teachers from an ADHD expert.

What Cami Anderson said at the Teach for America 25th anniversary summit.

It's about education.

Officials think everything will be okay in Okay if staff members are allowed to carry guns while on campus.

Here's one interpretation.

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