They co-hosted an event at the Air and Space Museum in Washington. Here's what they didn't mention.

"I wanted our kids to understand that their view of life is very much shaped by their community and family circumstances, and to deepen their empathy for people whose life experiences are different from their own."

She has visited four schools in only two areas.

A famed Irish writer visits a high-poverty school in Georgia.

"I appreciate that you don’t want your child to stare, but ignoring his interest or trying to rush away doesn’t work well and sends your child the message that there’s something wrong here," said professor Daniel Willingham.

The latest from pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom.

The actress provides moving testimony at a hearing on Capitol Hill.

A new report explains why educators hoping to narrow the achievement gap should make criminal justice reform a policy priority. .

A new survey reveals the disconnect.

The "core" curriculum doesn't meet the needs of today's students, a veteran educator says.

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