Why Pastors for Texas Children opposes school vouchers.

Why are so many students from poor families still not making it through high school?

'How much “choice” is enough? How many schools are sustainable given a population of students? What happens when choice exacerbates segregation? Who ensures that separation of church and state is enforced?'

They are cause for concern both about the future of teacher education in the United States and the increasing penetration of education policymaking by private interests.

Joy has been elevated to a central value at many charter schools.

Obama went to a D.C. high school to talk up his education record. It's what he didn't say that was most revealing.

The full text of the speech he gave at a D.C. high school.

Is this smart — or overzealous? A school district in Alabama is requiring that all visitors who come to school during the day — including parents and grandparents — must pass a background check and pay $15 to get it. The Pelham City School District had decided over the summer to require background checks for […]

A teacher engages her students and school in the election of 1800. And it was a nasty one, too.

A data-rich map that details the growing problem across the country.

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