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Award-winning educator: 'I’ve decided to stand unflinching when it comes to the real issues facing our children today, I’ve decided to be unafraid to question injustice, unafraid to take risks in the classroom — I am changed. And so has my role as a teacher.'

Some are serious, and some, not so much.

Early childhood development expert Nancy Carlsson-Paige: 'Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that we would have to defend children’s right to play."



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See where the money is going.

Teacher reacts to comments from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

'This is more than just an unfortunate trend. When our brightest young college graduates, especially those who reflect the increasing diversity found in our public schools, eschew teaching we need to ask why.'

'The image of students concerned only with the micro frustrations of everyday life as opposed to “real” issues bears no relation to the real students I encounter at colleges and universities.'

The Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a lawsuit with major implications for the future of organized labor.

Department Inspector General Kathleen Tighe says her investigators were able to penetrate the department's data systems without being detected.

Like a presidential candidate, a college applicant is really in the business of persuasion and diplomacy, winning over humans and swaying the vote in his or her favor.

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