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The authors argue that the focus should be on students' health, not their test scores.

'This coronavirus-pandemic-marred school year is my 25th in the classroom. Despite that wealth of experience, lately I still find myself having moments where I wonder if I’m up to the task, both as a professional educator and as a home-schooling parent.'

From a world-renowned master educator.

Here are some of the unique burdens these schools now face.

The Education Department on Monday gave flexibility for states to repurpose existing education funding to help with immediate schooling issues.

See what happened over several weeks.

Administrators are monitoring teachers online not to support them but because of "contemporary American education’s unceasing focus on accountability. What this approach leaves out is the reality of classroom life in these times."

Concerns about voter suppression are rising in a year with primaries and a presidential election, including right now in Wisconsin.

Online security issues are growing with the mass rush to virtual education during the coronavirus crisis.

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