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Why placing the adjective 'public' in front of 'charter' is an affront to those who deeply believe in the mission of public schools.

What's true and not true.

What if highly unionized districts actually fired more teachers than others?

Turkish government files a complaint in Texas alleging charter school network has abused public funds, funneled money to Gulen's movement, violated legal requirements surrounding open and competitive bidding, and discriminated against employees on the basis of national origin and gender.

"They’re like Soviet-era department stores that are run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers," he said. And there's more.

"So many of these educators feel as if they’re giving life-saving instructions by encouraging black students to look and act 'respectable.' But this type of survival rhetoric is dangerous."

A lesson for King.

A nonprofit that works to promote the safe use of media and technology by young people raises questions about privacy, security and physical danger.

She teaches at a Christian school in Colorado.

Americans are supposed to generally be lousy at math, right? Not always.

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