"Schools cannot provide access to students by putting together makeshift distance learning plans that are simply compliant with guidelines without thoughtful consideration for how each student’s needs are being met," says the mother of a special-needs student.

The new guidance spells out steps schools should take but says there is no way to eliminate the risk of covid-19 spread.

A new survey reports that finding, but it depends on what teachers you include.

It's Orange County, which has a conservative majority of members.

“The reality is that the anticipated in-person experiences planned for this fall can’t and won’t meet the expectations of our students and their families.”

'As much as I wish to stay here and continue my pursuit, I am not given a choice and the opportunity is being stripped away from me, suddenly and systematically.'

The authors of this post argue that schooling is "imbued with pathologizing mindsets rooted in labeling, surveillance, and punishment, which criminalize black students."

Some law students are calling for an end to the test. Here's the argument — and what they want to replace it with.

The group has tried to distance itself from the administration.

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