Advocates and lawmakers push for $50 billion in federal aid.

Some charters got money from two pots, while others took from only one.

Students in the second largest school district in the country can learn science from James Cameron through a class on the Titanic, read with Keys, Jenner, Russell Westbrook and Noah Centineo -- and more.

About 63 percent of parents and 65 percent of teachers polled said they believe school buildings in their areas will reopen this fall.

Many schools are using plastic barriers to separate students while they are eating and learning, along with other measures.

They argue for an agenda for school reform they want Biden to adopt.

Some agree, some don't.

A veteran principal writes about what kids have been facing and how they can be helped.

It turns out the state has other ideas about how to make the decision.

The emphasis on science is partly notable at a time when Trump ignores the advice of scientists.

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