'If you really want to nurture critical thinking and imagination in children, there are better ways than lying to them about Santa.'

A newspaper editorial said, "The charter school fox is heading for the Department of Education hen house and, for public schooling, that’s finger-lickin’ bad."

A public education advocate gives five reasons why the answer to both questions is "no." She writes: "It is time to acknowledge that what may have begun as a sincere attempt to promote innovation has given rise to fraud, discrimination and the depletion of public school funding."

An educator dreams.

The youngster lost by a single vote. Here's what Hillary Clinton told her.

The union has called a march in support of public education on Saturday in downtown Los Angeles.

"It’s a staggering truth: Most dollars that have been spent on autism research in the United States over the last four decades are not helping children with autism."

Tensions are high in the nation's second-largest school system.

The morale drop at the department was among the highest across the federal government.

A yellow spray-painted message read, “I want Jexit!”

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