The teachers strike movement is changing. Here's how.

"Fear of 'the other' is something deeply embedded in our nation’s DNA."

"Do we need all these studies to demonstrate what any good teacher knows: that the nature and quality of the relationship between teachers and students matters? Thus do the wheels of education policy turn in our country."

Three teachers — from the United States, Canada and the Netherlands — link his comment to other similar sentiments manifesting around the world.

The legislatures is debating a controversial law that teachers don't like.

Read this mom's heartbreaking Facebook post.

Young people tell the stories of those who lost their lives.

It wasn't the fear of being sued or political correctness. It was something else.

She was the education transition chief for President-elect Barack Obama, and many thought she would be secretary of education.

He said it at his father's Texas border wall rally. And teachers responded.

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