How is the program affecting educational opportunity in U.S. schools?

Austin Beutner has been a success at many things but has no experience in education. Apparently his bosses don't think that matters.

A deep dive into a report that attempts to explain why a project funded by the foundation that involved using standardized test scores to evaluate teachers was a bust.

Teachers' unions face new reality after devastating Supreme Court decision.

The third in a series on the movement to privatize public education in Mike Pence's home state.

The school said in response to the letter that it is nonpartisan and supports the accomplishments of its alumni, regardless of politics.

A new book explains why it is important and how it can be done. With excerpts.

Hammond High School in Columbia, Md., is an honoree in the Schools of Opportunity project. Here's why.

Every justice has attended Harvard or Yale's law school and only one earned a law degree elsewhere.

A New Jersey 16-year-old created a short film about the First Amendment and the right to protest which won (out of 278 submissions) the National Coalition Against Censorship's annual contest. Watch it.

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