The list now has more than 950 accredited schools that award bachelor's degrees, with more than 275 highly ranked in their tiers of the U.S. News & World Report annual rankings.

"Religious liberty is best protected by keeping it separate from government dollars and government control."

The push in recent years has been to expand instructional time — not reduce it.

'In its current form, the American apprenticeship system is too small, too exclusive, and poorly targeted.'

The results are most marked for male African American students from very low-income families, the research finds.

Critics say the judge weakened the standard by which students with disabilities are educated. Gorsuch told the Senate he didn't.

Plus results of a national poll on civic confidence, which Carolyn Curiel has taught through the Purdue Institute for Civic Communication.

Teachers always hope that they have positive lasting impacts on their students, but, of course, they don’t often find out, especially with their most difficult charges. This is a lovely essay by a veteran educator about one of the students she had in her first year of teaching. He was, she writes, “sulky, defiant, and […]

What is he thinking?

He started a charter school, and she visited it, along with other schools on her latest trip to the Sunshine State.

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