It's hilarious. Watch it.

A vote on the controversial nomination of Betsy DeVos as education secretary is expected early next week.

DeVos supporters can't seem to believe that many people who are not connected to the unions could have their own reasons for opposing her nomination for education secretary.

What she answered — and avoided answering.

The school says it the ban threatens the school's ability to fulfill its mission of reaching out to students around the world.

It reveals a big split in the school restructuring movement — and Broad's opposition could affect the DeVos confirmation vote in the Senate.

A professor of sociology and education evaluates her responses.

Howard Gardner looks at what Trump's view of intelligence — as gleaned from the president's own statements.

His lone dissent shines light on how he thinks about criminal justice issues.

The fight over DeVos is really about what vision of education will prevail in the United States.

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