If The Answer Sheet looks different than it did yesterday, you are right. We’ve moved to a new publishing platform, which, hopefully, will make it easier for you to read and see more written and multimedia material. Engaging in an online discussion should be simpler too. At least that’s the hope.

This blog has always been about the biggest issues in education, and that focus will continue, with an even a brighter light on school reform. That includes charters, vouchers, federal and state policy, unions and union-busting, Common Core standards and school curriculum, educator evaluation and training, the effects of poverty on student achievement, and the role of private money in public education. It also involves how young people grow and learn, how schools are organized, and how policy affects real people.

These core subjects will be explored in posts from me and a constantly evolving group of guest writers with very different points of view. Expect news and a livelier-than-ever (but civil) debate on the biggest subject of them all: education. Stay tuned.