Ann Romney on “GMA.” (IDA MAE ASTUTE – ABC)

The magazine Good Housekeeping has a new interview with Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, in which she reveals “the answers” to ensuring that all  students get “a proper education.”

Here’s the relevant question and answer:

GH: Can you tell me, what campaign issue is closest to your heart?

AR: I’ve been a First Lady of the State. I have seen what happens to people’s lives if they don’t get a proper education. And we know the answers to that. The charter schools have provided the answers. The teachers’ unions are preventing those things from happening, from bringing real change to our educational system. We need to throw out the system.

And here’s a bonus question:

GH: And have you picked yet what your issue will be? What do you feel most passionate about?

AR: It would be what I’ve been involved with my entire adult life, which is working with at-risk youth and recognizing that every child is a child of God. And that some of those children are being left behind, and that is a heartbreak and a huge, huge loss to this country.


Read the whole interview here.