A documentary on Michelle Rhee that was broadcast on PBS’ “Frontline” this week delved into allegations of standardized test cheating during her tenure as D.C. schools chancellor. Rhee downplayed the allegations, and D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson called the allegations  “fictitious” and pointed to several investigations that have yielded no evidence of large-scale cheating. Critics say the probes were too narrow. 

Journalist John Merrow, the force behind the documentary “The Education of Michelle Rhee,” wrote a piece on his blog Taking Note explaining how he reported the piece and providing more information about a former D.C. principal who complained about cheating, one of the few people willing to talk on the record to Merrow. 

 “The Education of Michelle Rhee” from “FRONTLINE” on PBS.


Here’s what Merrow wrote … take a look and see what you think.