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Michelle Rhee and the missing memo

There’s a new twist in the story about whether or not there was cheating on standardized tests in  D.C. public schools during the period when Michelle Rhee was chancellor.

Journalist John Merrow, whose piece, “The Education of Michelle Rhee.” aired last week on Frontline, writes in this post on his blog about

… a missing memo, numerous attempts to unearth it using the Freedom of Information Act, confidential sources, apparently lost email, and new questions about Michelle Rhee’s decision not to investigate widespread erasures on an important standardized test during her first year in Washington, DC.

The four-page memo was written by Fay G. ‘Sandy’ Sanford, an adviser to Rhee early in her 3 1/2-year tenure as chancellor. Merrow writes about what he suspects it says and why Rhee hasn’t released it. Read the whole post here.