And now, a privately funded deputy guarding elementary school kids.

The mother of a young girl in Florida is paying $32 an hour for an armed deputy to guard her daughter’s school, Old Kings Elementary, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Resident Laura Lauria already paid the Flagler County School District for two months and agreed to pay the bill for the rest of the academic year. The News-Journal quoted Superintendent Janet Valentine as saying, “I don’t know how you say no to such a wonderful gesture.”

District officials have talked about hiring deputies to guard elementary schools ever since 20 children and six staff members were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last month.

Here’s a press release from the school district about the situation, from the News-Journal:

To Whom It May Concern:


In the wake of the tragic Connecticut shooting, Laura Lauria, President of Police Services, Inc., reached out to Flagler County School Board representatives in order to determine whether security could be increased at the elementary schools across the district. Although Flagler County currently provides deputies at middle schools and high schools, no such service presently exists at the elementary school level due to a lack of funding.


When it became apparent that funding was the primary obstacle in achieving greater security, Mrs. Lauria made the decision to donate the funds that were necessary to provide a trained, off-duty Sheriff’s deputy at Old Kings Elementary. Mrs. Lauria sought the approval of several high-ranking school officials before making this donation and worked in conjunction with the proper school and law enforcement authorities every step of the way.


Police Services, Inc. is a private manufacturer of safety minded products and has no financial ties to Flagler County schools.


Police Services, Inc. does not buy, sell, or manufacture weapons, nor does it provide security services. The donation was never intended to become public knowledge and was only made with the intention of giving back to the community.


Laura Lauria and Police Services, Inc. are both ardent supporters of the Flagler County school system and will continue to respect any decisions made by the School Board regarding the implementation of additional security.