Cozy. Justin Hamilton, who recently left the U.S. Department of Education, where he served as press secretary for Secretary Arne Duncan, has gone to work for Amplify, the online education company owned by Rupert Murdoch and run by Joel Klein.

Hamilton is senior vice president for corporate communications. Klein, the former chancellor of New York City public schools, is executive vice president at Murdoch’s News Corp. and director of Amplify.

In December, Klein described Amplify’s business strategy at the UBS Global Media and Communication Conference, saying that it was up to the private sector to save public education with technology.

Hamilton, who left the Education Department late last year and has been at Amplify for a few months, just sent out an e-mail to selected folks saying:

Just wanted to let you know that since leaving Secretary Duncan’s office, I’ve joined Joel Klein over at Amplify Education (contact info below)
I look forward to catching up soon.
Justin Hamilton, Senior Vice President,
Corporate Communications