In the you-couldn’t-make-up-this-stuff-if-it-were-anybody-but-Charlie-Sheen category: Sheen has gone beyond his standard vulgarity to urge his “followers” to help him retaliate against the private school where he says his daughter was bullied when she was a student.

Sheen tweeted “a legitimate call to arms” against Viewpoint School in Calabasas, Ca., telling people to send  “a rotted egg a roll of toilet paper” or dog excrement to the campus. The tweet got worse, but you can find it yourself on the web.

Today kids are  getting suspending for doing things like shaping Pop-Tarts into guns and for pointing their fingers like guns, my colleague Donna St. George wrote in this story. A 10-year-old in Alexandria. Va. was arrested by police for showing a toy gun to others on his school bus, and a Pennsylvania 5-year-old was suspended for talking to classmates about shooting her “Hello Kitty” gun — which blows bubbles.

With all of that happening to little kids in an era of heightened concern about school security, you’d think there should be some consequence for an adult who threatens a school in any fashion.