Pope Francis ( (By Dmitry Lovetsky / AP) Pope Francis ( (By Dmitry Lovetsky / AP).

It turns out that Pope Francis was something of a “little devil” when he went to school as a child in Buenos Aires,  according to a nun who taught him.

This Agence France-Presse story quotes Sister Martha Rabino, mother superior of De la Misericordia school, as saying:

He was a devil, a little devil, very mischievous, like every boy… Who would have known that he would become pope?!

The new pope, who was named Jorge Bergoglio, lived two blocks away from the school, where he celebrated his First Communion at age 9.  Up until his election last week as the first pope from Latin America, and the first Jesuit, he still went back to the school to see the nuns and share tea with milk, the AFP story said.

Rabino told AFP that after he became a priest, he liked to ask the nuns what he was like when he was a child. One nun he talked to often was his first teacher, Sister Rosa, who died last year at age 101. She said:

He liked to ask Sister Rosa what he was like when he was a child, and the sister, who was old but very lucid, would reply: ‘You were a devil. Did you get better?’ And he would roar with laughter. Sister Rosa would tell him: ‘I remember when you learned your multiplication table on the stairs and you jumped the steps, two by two, repeating: two, four six. You were tireless.’


After he graduated from high school, he attended the University of Buenos Aires and earned a master’s degree in chemistry before entering a Jesuit seminary to begin training for the priesthood, according to biography.com. He later earned a a degree in philosophy at the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel, where he earned a degree in philosophy, and a doctorate in theology in Germany.