How’s this for twisting students’ arms to take high-stakes standardized tests? This is an email that Woodrow Wilson High School in D.C. Public Schools sent to parents (as written):


DCCAS Testing Schedule – We will be administering the DCCAS April 23-25, 2013 to all scholars that have been identified to take one or more of the assessments.  Scholars who do not show for a required assessment will be pulled from their classes on April 26 and April 29-May 2, 2013.  Any scholar who is required to take one or more of the DCCAS assessments and does not complete the assessment will NOT be eligible to participate on any athletic team next year.


Scholars received their official DC CAS Testing Schedule and Location on Friday and we will distribute it to them again on Monday.  Scholars will be provided a snack during the morning testing sessions.  We will provide lunch for all scholars on Tuesday.  On Wednesday and Thursday, scholars will need to provide their own lunch or purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  Off-campus lunch will be suspended during testing.


The scholar’s test scores will be reported on their report card and progress reports, so others will see the score.  Colleges, employers, and other service providers will see this information and scholars will want to make sure they see a score that best reflects their abilities. There will be daily attendance incentives as well as incentives for students who earn proficient and advanced.


All identified scholars in this cohort are required to take these assessments and to be present each day.   Juniors and Seniors are asked to use these three days to complete their community service hours and/or for college visits unless they are enrolled in an Advanced Placement course.  Scholars in AP courses will have scheduled review sessions on these days.  If a Junior or Senior comes to school on one of these three days, they will be placed in a supervised study hall.


The DC CAS is not grade specific any student. 9th grade students will test in Reading, Math, Composition, and Biology. All students enrolled in Health the 2012-2013 school year will also take the Health exam. Students in grades 10-12 who have never taken the DC CAS will be required to take the test this year.


Students in the testing cohort will not be allowed to participate in the AP Review sessions.  Teachers will offer additional review sessions for those students who have to take the DC CAS


2012-2013 DC CAS Testing – The time is here for the DC CAS and we need you here on time, prepared and ready to do your best. We will have Daily Incentives as well as Incentives for those students who earn Advanced and Proficient.
Daily Incentives – For every test a scholar takes, they will earn a raffle ticket to turn in at the end of the day.
Incentives for Advanced and Proficient – There will be an awards assembly November 2013 where the prizes will be distributed. Each student earning Proficient or Advanced on any test will be invited and receive a Tiger Prize Pack (Book bag filled with Tiger Goodies). We will also be raffling the following items:
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